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Corporate group "Stal-Trest" is one of the leading manufacturers of drilling tools for the mining industry and has more than 20 years experience specialized in this field.



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The range of mining tools manufactured by Corporate group "Stal-Trest" includes:

We produce more than 70 types of bits with a nominal diameter of 28 mm to 127 mm for manual Hammer drill bits with landing on the thread cone or R25 for drilling machine with planting crowns thread R32, R38, T38, T45, T51 and ST68. Crowns made of high quality steel using imported raw materials for hard cloves. Manufacturing technology and installing cloves guarantees high quality crowns.

For domestic and imported hammers button bits are manufactured with diameters from 105 mm to 165 mm. Crowns can be installed on hammers with bayonet, and slotted shponochnymim krepleniykak types of domestic and imported.

In addition, we produce hammers type P-105, P-110, P-130.

All rods are made of special stainless steel drilling.

Rods drilling for manual Hammer drilling can be made on request for any type of punch, with a seat for the crown cone-shaped or round thread (R25, R32, R38).

Telescopic rods for drilling are made by the meter to fit the crown cone-shaped or round thread (R25, R32, R38).

Rods drilling machine for drilling are made with threaded connection to the shank perforator R32 or R38 and fit crowns on the thread cone or R32, R38, T45 and T51.


4. Shanks, couplings and adapters Adapters

These products are made from high-alloy steels,

subjected to chemical and thermal treatment. Corporate group "Steel-Trust" makes a large range of liners for hydro and Buster imported and domestically produced. Adapters, adapters and couplings used to connect drilling rod. Made by us couplings and adapters allow you to connect the elements of the drilling rod with different connecting dimensions (thread R25, R32, R38, T38, T45 and T51 both external and internal).


5. Tricone Bits and rods for machines type SBS-250

For rotary drill bits are produced in two sizes 244.5 and 215.9 types OK, and SCC. Optimized design of weapons and support ensures high operational performance bits.

We manufacture rods for machines type SBSH-250 domestic and foreign production. The use of structural improvement of steel, special thread ensures high resistance rods. Most of the large enterprises of the CIS estimated high quality, reliability and safety of our production of drill rods.


6. rock cutting and auxiliary tools to customer's specifications

Our experts quickly and efficiently pick up the necessary tools for you. We can quickly and efficiently produce special tools and accessories at your request.

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We offer: Drilling rods, Hand and machine drilling rods, Booms for drilling wells for explosion in quarries, mines and mines, SBSH drilling rigs, Drill bits, Shank and socket for drilling rigs, Drill bits and drill rods.